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New and improved infrared photos

I consulted with a friend on camera settings for infrared photography, and took some more photos. The result of this was a bit more contrast in my images, but the overcast weather held us back I felt.


Still, a bit more of the white foliage effect was coming through, which I was pleased with.


I’ve been waiting for some better weather, and finally it came. I headed to Winchester for a walk along the canal/to see the cathedral, and took some photos.

First up, the sky appears very orange in uncoloured infrared photos.


There’s a good contrast in tones here, so I put a very similar photo through the red/blue channel inversion process that I had tried previously. This took me to a blue picture with hints of pink. From here I messed around with filters, and manually manipulated the colour channels (interestingly, messing with the green channel was very useful in this process). The result:


The picture is incredibly noisy due to all the processing, but I finally have the colour contrast that I was after- the cliché pink/blue combo!

From here I played around with other editing techniques, and am generally very happy with the results.




I also tried a photo of Winchester Cathedral, but I think that foliage is a lot more interesting than stonework in infrared.


This is definitely a technique I’ll make a lot of use of come the spring!

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