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New GoPro!

I picked up my GoPro HERO4 Silver on Friday, and got a chance to play with it today.  I forgot to check out what sort of MicroSD card is recommended to go with it, so I have to wait until next week until one I’ve ordered arrives.  For now I’m using an old cheap card which isn’t fast enough to record video, but was sufficient to take a few pictures.  It’s pretty cold out today, so I didn’t spend too much time out.  I went to the rock-pools at the seafront to test out underwater photography.  There wasn’t much of interest about, and as I wasn’t in the water the distance from my subjects was kind of limited.  It was good to get an idea of how close I can be to something to get a picture though!  I also encountered a crow/raven (cannot tell which) that was surprisingly nonplussed about having a camera near it.

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Click to go to my Flickr album!
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