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What’s the opposite of an Owl?

Recently, Janelle Shane pointed out that not only can Ganbreeder be used to make synthesise images of a given category, it also has the option to create “opposites” by synthesising images which are -100% like the target category.

Ever wondered what the opposite of an owl is?

It’s that right there. Might be a sofa? Maybe a casket? Who knows!

What else can we look at the opposites of?

The opposite of a barber chair:

The opposite of lipstick:

Look a little like an animal! What if we look at the opposites of animals?

An elephant:

God knows what that is! How about a dingo?

Some type of watch/clock? Let’s try a frog:

How about an arctic fox?

All these animal opposites are looking fairly… Mechanical? Artificial? With that in mind, what happens if we look at the opposites of some man-made objects?

Disk brakes:

A radiator:

These are certainly looking quite animal-like!

So, what’s the opposite of a human? Ganbreeder doesn’t have a gene for “human”, but it does have genes for various outfits (which is good enough).



Baseball player:

The opposite of humans is weird lumpy scaly rocks. You heard it here first. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a combination of lumpy rocks which would oppose as a human.

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