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365 Questions: What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?

Not a lot! Sorry to keep harping on about the ankle break, but it’s really stagnated me a bit. I am no fitter, I am no smarter, I am no more capable. I’m probably wiser in some quintessential way from having gone through the experience, but how does one quantify that?

I can’t really think of any skill I’ve picked up over the past year. Before going in to hospital I was attempting to learn Greg Shorthand, but let that slip. I was learning Italian for the job I planned to take in Italy, but when that fell through I lost motivation. I can’t say that I’ve even picked up a novel new computer game that’s forced me to learn a new set of controls.

In general I suppose it’s been a year of non-descript personal growth, rather than in any obvious area. Or perhaps that’s just a lie I’m telling myself to make myself feel better about this stagnation.

I talk about my eternal quest for knowledge vis-a-vis entertainment in these questions a lot, but in the past year I’ve really not done a whole lot to better myself beyond the state I was in prior to the accident. True I’ve worked hard to get back to normality, being able to walk again. However I’ve not progressed beyond that point in any meaningful way, bringing myself ahead of my prior status. I’ve tried to form new habits on the back of this, which potentially will make prime building blocks for future developments upon myself. At this stage, I really am just laying foundations. Hopefully the rest of the structure will come in the future.

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