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365 Questions: What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?

5 years ago was 2013. I can’t say I really have any regrets for back then, it was a great year. I worked seasonally at a zoo, I trained (and qualified) as a falconer, I studied for my degree in Robotics & AI, I took a year out to work in what turned out to be my favorite job I’ve ever had. During all this I still found the time to buy my first 3D printer, write a paper on a character from my favorite TV show (The Venture Brothers) which got published by the creators, and still play some computer games.

There’s nothing I wish I’d done more of 5 years ago, as 5 years ago was perhaps the most productive I’ve ever been. If anything, I wish I was more like 5 Years Ago Vic now!

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