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Eden Project!

The other weekend, I went down to the Eden Project. It was pretty doable on crutches, although of course it did require quite a bit of walking. Interestingly if you visit you can get a card for free entry for a year, so I guess I’ll head back in the future!


I visited the Eden Project once as a child. I vaguely recall seeing the huge domes, and them jutting out from the landscape. I suppose this must be me mis-remembering it, as the Eden Project is actually in an old drained mining pit.

Generally, there wasn’t a huge amount to see in the gardens outside of the domes. Although the weather held up well, October is not the most exciting time of year for gardens. Still, there was a cool giant bee statue.


Inside of the domes, it was like being transported in to a tropical jungle.


The higher up in the domes you walked, the hotter it got.

Interestingly, there were (almost) no birds. Perhaps I’m biased by @Bristol, but I feel these sorts of places should be full of birds for the full tropical experience.

As expected, the domes were full of beautiful plants and flowers. I cannot for the life of me remember their names, but here’s a few pics of my favorites!






The Eden Project also does quite a bit of work on conservation, and food sources. They had various types of gem corn hanging on display, as well as other types of food.


There was also the opportunity to learn more about the effects of people on the rain-forest, such as those stemming from rubber farming.

In all it was a fun day out, but having a camera certainly made it a lot more engaging!

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