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Playing around with Lightroom

I’ve finally got Adobe Lightroom, and am trying to get to grips with it a bit. I have a huge backlog of photos to edit (thanks past Vic!), and so have been trying it out with some of those pics. First up on my edit list have been pics from Jive Bunny’s gig at Butlins down in Bognor Regis in June. I’ve been having a play around with the auto filters, and can’t really decide if I like them or not!


It certainly allows for easier editing, but the results look a bit “Instagram” for my liking. When I was down in Bognor I went for a paddle on the beach (must return when I’m out of the cast for a proper swim), and took my camera with. Unfortunately I failed to notice that I still had the camera set up for last night, and so all pics were super high ISO. I decided to use them for playing around with the Lightroom filters again, as the image quality wasn’t really great.




Next up will be learning to edit the pics properly by myself with Lightroom!

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