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Google SEO queries data

A few months ago, Sam showed me how to access the search impressions for my blog. There’s a 48 hour delay on getting data, and I only get data on searches that have occurred multiple times/do not contain any personal data. I’ve greatly enjoyed viewing these as not only does it give me an idea of what attracts people to my blog, but it also tells me what weird and wonderful things people search for. A few of my favorites:

  • which fish is not swim in water
  • tall-looking “sunbathe”
  • miniature popemobile
  • holl sex in baarlenassau
  • barely legal corrupted
  • is feeding statiins a good idea for kites

I sometimes feel like trying to find the answer to the last question.

It’s been interesting to get an idea of what brings people to my blog. Some of the most popular search terms:

  • laguna salada de torrevieja
  • ins_mpu6k_filter
  • mavproxy raspberry pi
  • aberystwyth vpn
  • dizaul

I find it interesting to see that much of my traffic still stems from the discussion of my Undergraduate dissertation project. Some of my posts occasionally seem to get referenced on forums. I also quite like that my post about Laguna Salada de Torrevieja ranks fairly well. I struggled to find information on it (and other places to swim in the area) when I was looking to visit, so hopefully I’m helping some people!

And so, the point of my post: where did my data go? 🙁


Normally there’s the 48 hour lag, but I haven’t received any data since the 3rd November. Sam’s blog seems to have experienced the same issue, and a quick Google search shows other websites commenting on it. It seems at this point all we can do is wait/hope. Although the information I gain doesn’t really shape my future posts too much, it had still become part of my morning routine to check it and I miss it!

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