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Visit to the See-Through Church

We went on a trip to see the See-Through Church (that also seems to be know as Doorkijkkerk- Reading Between The Lines) made by Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh (a duo known as Gijs Van Vaerenbergh), near Borgloon in the Belgian province of Limburg. The church is part of the Z-OUT project for Z33 House for Contemporary Art.

IMG_2388 (3)

P9206929 (2)

For ease of location, it’s coordinates are 50°47’44.56″- 5°21’2.82″. The church itself is in a field, and so requires some walking to get to. We walked up a track which a car could potentially be taken most of the way along, but we decided to walk the extra 5-10 mins for fear of struggling with the car.

IMG_2382 (3)

The church was smaller than I thought it would be. Apparently it’s 10m tall, and is made of 100 layers/2000 columns of steel plates. It’s stood since 2011, and so is getting quite rusty. I’m not sure how long the intention is for it to stand, but it’s well worth a visit! My only advice: don’t wear spa slippers on the walk there, or apparently you’ll find yourself throwing them in a ditch:


I’ve added the rest of my photos to my Flickr album for Belgium!

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