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A better attempt at recording the Red Kite feeding at Nant Y Arian

I previously attempted to record the feeding of the Red Kites at Nant Y Arian in Mid Wales.  However, my positioning of the camera both annoyed the birds and failed to get any good footage.  Today I went back for another attempt and had a much greater level of success.  This time I placed the camera in a bush to the side of the feeding area (on advice from the staff), and put a bit of mossy wood over the top of it.  The birds did not appear to spot the camera from here, and so were happy to feed.  It was an unusually busy feeding!  The first video shows the main feeding, and the second video shows the “aftermath”.  In this second video you can see a fair bit of the Kites fighting over food, as well as the ducks/crows that clean up after the main feeding.

I also took some photos of the feeding, which have been added to my Red Kites feeding album on Flickr (click image)

kites 026

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