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The 365 Questions project

I am a member of a local public speaking group, which is run under the Toastmasters International flag. The aim of this group is to help people to develop their public speaking skills. One of the parts of a typical session is Table Topics- people are given a topic, and have only a few seconds to form a coherent response, in the form of a short speech (lasting around 1 minute). Someone recently showed me a list of 365 Table Topics questions which can be used for Table Topics. I thought: there’s nothing to limit these to verbal responses. So, I introduce to you my latest writing project: 365 Questions. I want to attempt to do one a day as a writing exercise, alongside my usual sporadic posts.

I’ve elected not to include these in the main posts feed, as it’s a bit spammy. So, to view them, either click the link below, or under the Categories heading on the left.